Jules L. Carrozza is a filmmaker currently based in the Boston area. A lifelong student of the cinema born in 1986, he first developed an interest in movies after becoming obsessed with Japanese monster films of which he is still a lifelong fan of. He first picked up a video camera at the age of 10 and started making little opuses of his own by stop motion animating monster toys. As a teenager, he continued to make films that grew larger and larger in scale. He also began to write about films as well and worked freelance for some magazines and then made a handful of short films and internet videos, the highlight of which is Little Red Riding Hood, a grotesquely satirical post-modern short subject version of the iconic fairy tale.

    In 2010 he worked on his first feature documentary: Black Sunshine: Conversations with T.F. Mou, a documentary on and interview with friend and Chinese cinema veteran T.F. Mou, most known for the harrowing and gruesome war film Man Behind the Sun. He has just completed his long-standing pet project Alison, a surreal and macabre fantasy dramedy. His goal is to make several feature film projects over the next several years culminating in Horror Colony, a gruesome and satirical historical epic currently in scripting and to continuously expand the scope and sophistication of his work. Carrozza hopes to have a good time on the road until then.

        He can reached via e-mail at jules@jlcarrozza.com.

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